Episode #3: Dawkins, Sex, Sulfur and Ed Yong

The third episode of Consilience is out! You can download the mp3 here (mp3 / 22.7mb) and the file’s page on Archive.org is here.

Note: we had some serious audio issues this week. We’ve tried our best to clean up the mess, but we ended up deleting quite a bit of content, so the podcast is unusually short this week.

Teaching Angela to Appreciate History

March 26th is Richard Dawkins‘ birthday! Star Trek legends Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner also had birthdays this week. Here’s the video we mentioned where William Shatner gives John Edwards a smack down.


We have a superstitious start to the news segment today with a story about four women who died after ingesting a sex potion which they had procured from a herbalist. This draws our attention to the lack of regulation of potentially dangerous substances in South Africa’s traditional medicine market.

An expensive cleansing ceremony for a stretch of road which was supposedly opened without seeking the blessing of the local ancestors causes us to get our backs up. Especially when we dissect the shopping list approved by the local mayor.

We discuss the re-analysis of Stanley Miller’s Primordial Soup results and discover many unexpected new organic molecules and traces of sulfur.

A new discovery of 15,500 stone artifacts suggests that the America’s were populated two and a half thousand years earlier than previous thought.

We give a brief update of a technical problem plaguing South Africa’s SumbandilaSat Satellite.


Ed Yong, with a fancy scarf.

We interviewed multiple award winning freelance journalist Ed Yong. Ed writes Not Exactly Rocket Science and wears some nifty accessories.

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4 Responses to Episode #3: Dawkins, Sex, Sulfur and Ed Yong

  1. benguela says:

    The interviews are making the show even with the sound teething problems.
    But thanks al lot, I now have yet another twitter feed and blog to reduce my contribution to the GDP.

  2. Rallick says:

    Great podcast again guys. The audio quality was a little off (sadly I have zero experience in this area, so I cannot give any helpful advice) but it didn’t detract too much from a good show. I eagerly await the next one, though instead of Ireland I will be listening to it from Connecticut. Another placemarker on the map that you, like all beings intent on taking over the world, surely have hanging in your Evil HQ! 😉

    • Angela says:

      Hi Rallick,
      Thanks for the positive feedback! When we recorded this week we spent a lot of time working on the audio quality first and hopefully it will be a LOT better from episode 4 onwards.

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