Episode #35: UFOs, numerelogical nonsense, and Phobos

The 35th episode of Consilience is out! You can download the mp3 here (28.5 mb) and the file’s page on Archive.org is here.

Teaching Angela to Appreciate History

Marie Curie’s birthday was on 7 November 1867. And November 9th is Carl Sagan Day.


CDC releases graphic zombie novel.


South African science journalist, Christina Scott, dies tragically in a car accident.

UFOs over Harrismith? No.

November numerological nonsense. (2012 Rising).

Thai military loses choppers to “evil spirits”.

Red dwarf stars may be more hospitable to life than previously thought.

Psychic accepts award “on behalf of” Kurt Cubain.

Russians launch ambitious Phobos-Grunt mission.

Links of the Week

Angela: Image Error Level Analyzer.
Michael: Atul Gawande’s essay “Personal Best“.
Owen: The Skeptic’s Field Guide.


“Janine Melnitz: Do you believe in UFOs, astral projection, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full-trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis?
Winston Zeddemore: Um, if there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.”
– Ghostbusters


Durban: Skeptics in the Pub – Thursday 17 November, 18:00 at Pizetta

Pretoria: Skeptics in the Pub – Saturday 19 November, 12:30 BOER’geoisie http://www.archive.org/download/ConsilienceEpisode35/Consilience35.mp3



About Michael Meadon

Michael Meadon is a graduate student in cognitive science at the University of KwaZulu Natal in Durban, South Africa. When he's not procrastinating online or propitiating his wife, he investigates the effects of rapid & unreflective facial judgments on political elections. He expects to graduate any decade now. When he was an innocent undergrad Michael studied Politics, Philosophy & Economics at the University of Cape Town. Unfortunately, he had to find out for himself that "social" and "science" often don't go so well together.
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3 Responses to Episode #35: UFOs, numerelogical nonsense, and Phobos

  1. Tom Maydon says:

    doing the wires right now a marvelous bio-engineering project with a fantastic retronym (AudACiOus): http://edition.cnn.com/2011/11/18/tech/innovation/program-living-cells/index.html?hpt=hp_c2

  2. Tracy McIntyre says:

    Really enjoying the shows, it helps me get through the workday. My coworkers do wonder what is going on when I’m nearly choking from a laughing fit. It is also very enlightening to hear things from an area of the world about which I know very little. It must be so amazing to have the cradle of mankind at your doorstep.

    Chinese Lanterns have started showing up in Vermont. I’ve had the joy of seeing a few of them float by and I have had the joy of talking to people who are freaking out about an alien invasion. I am cursed with the inability to keep a straight face for too long and end up spilling the beans. If I could keep it together long enough, I’m sure I could embellish their thoughts and create the next Roswell sensation.

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