Episode #36: JFK, the Pope and the Tokeloshe

The 36th episode of Consilience is out! You can download the mp3 here (26 mb) and the A tokoloshe Statuefile’s page on Archive.org is here.

Teaching Angela to Appreciate History

On November 22nd, 1963, John F. Kennedy was shot and killed be Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas. And, no, it wasn’t a conspiracy.


James Arthur Ray, the spiritual guru who caused the deaths of three people, has been sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Unfortunately, the ROSCOSMOS mission Phobos-Grunt is in serious trouble.


Pope wraps up visit to Africa.

The crazy Lotter case, complete with spiritual rape by tokeloshe.

Helen’s haunted house.

Dumb article concludes “Men over 54 lucky to be alive“.

The Borat Sagdiev Award for Excellence in Science

This month’s winner… Duncan Alfreds of News24.

Links of the Week

Mike: a brilliant article by Jeffrey Bale entitled “‘Conspiracy Theories’ and Clandestine Politics“.
Angela: Operation Clambake.


Johannesburg: SITP, Keg & Spitfire, Beyers Naude Dr, Blackheath – 7 December 18:30.



About Michael Meadon

Michael Meadon is a graduate student in cognitive science at the University of KwaZulu Natal in Durban, South Africa. When he's not procrastinating online or propitiating his wife, he investigates the effects of rapid & unreflective facial judgments on political elections. He expects to graduate any decade now. When he was an innocent undergrad Michael studied Politics, Philosophy & Economics at the University of Cape Town. Unfortunately, he had to find out for himself that "social" and "science" often don't go so well together.
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