Episode #41: X Prize, X-Rays and Lego Astronaut

The 41st episode of Consilience is out! You can download the mp3 here (32mb) and theLego man in space
file’s page on Archive.org is here.

Teaching Angela to Appreciate History

Edward Jenner died on Jan 26, 1823. He was an English scientist and pioneered the development of the smallpox vaccine.


We geek out about the medical tricorder X-Prize. A challenge to make a hand-held device for automatically diagnosing common diseases. Scanadu is Owen’s favorite contender. Angela mentions the LifeLens malaria detecting smartphone.

A pair of Canadian teenagers send a Lego man into space!

X-Ray lasers take us a step closer to nuclear fusion by creating plasma from a solid.

This Just In: Condoms Work!

A very rare case of psychic fraud committed by Peaches (apparently that is her name). And we mention the even more fraudulent Sally Morgan.


This week we interview the unstoppable Leo Igwe, a humanist hero from our very own continent.

Here is the link to a video of Helen Ukpabio.

Listener Quiz
Results from last quiz:

66% for sample 2 (correct)
33% for sample 1 (incorrect)

This week’s quiz:

Do you think people landed on the moon in 1969 or was it all a hoax?

Link of the Week

Danny: One Hour Per Second

Owen: Skeptics in the Pub Global

Angela: Evolution Library


“I’m a doctor, not a tricorder.” The Doctor. Star Trek Voyager.


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