Episode #43: Stem-cell-burgers, Jesus toast and Legless frogs

Jesus Toast

The 43rd episode of Consilience is out! You can download the mp3 here (27mb) and the file’s page on Archive.org is here.

Teaching Angela to Appreciate History

1834 – Ernst Haekel was born. German biologist, quite good at categorising things, really good at creating new terminology for things (including anthropogeny, ecology, phylum, phylogeny, stem cell, and Protista), but known for taking large leaps with theory, without sufficient supporting evidence.

1957 – LeVar Burton was born. Actor who played Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation. ALSO hosted education show Reading Rainbow for 155 episodes!


Jesus H. Toast! Vermont manufacturer now selling toasters that will burn the face of the Christian messiah right onto your daily bread.

In-vitro hamburgers: Prof Mark Post and his team from Maastricht University in the Netherlands have developed a technique to produce actual muscle tissue from stem cells!

Legless amphibians found in India.

Balancing SA’s tertiary education needs: SA to introduce 60 new research chairs; SA has insufficient capacity to teach doctors; two new state universities.

Scientists create a one-atom transistor.

Link of the Week

Danny – Scale of the universe.

Chris – Spaceflight Now’s launch schedule.

Angela – The View of Life.

Owen – The Pod Delusion.


“…if God wanted to send us a message, and ancient writings were the only way he could think of doing it, he could have done a better job.” – Carl Sagan, Contact


Johannesburg: Sceptics in the Pub – Wednesday 7th March; Keg & Spitfire


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5 Responses to Episode #43: Stem-cell-burgers, Jesus toast and Legless frogs

  1. Tracy M says:

    Haven’t listened to the episode yet, but was excited to see the Jesus Toaster.

    I’ve met the toaster guy, he lives not too far from me. I had the same idea a few years ago, alas I never acted on it… my loss.

    I always thought that the “Virgin Mary” on the grilled cheese sandwich (from a few years ago) looked more like Elvira, Mistress of the Night.

  2. Tracy M says:

    Now that I’ve listened to the podcast. Vermont is in the USA , though at one point we were an independent republic when New Hampshire and New York were fighting over who owned Vermont. After our brief independence, we became the 14th state. The town where I grew up, was on the Canadian border, we had houses and stores split by the border. Our public library was half in Canada and half in the USA. I happened to marry a Canadian (it is part of our devious invasion plan, where we seduce Canadians to become Americans, one by one. Once the country is empty, we’ll take over… but don;t tell anyone.

    Vermont has a few interesting distinctions, we have the highest percentage of non-theists, we also have the highest percentage of marijuana use and the most microbrewerys per capita. I think it stems from the fact that we have 6+ months of winter and the fact that we were a haven for hippies during the 60’s. We also ran the Westboro Baptist people out of the state when they came to protest enacting our same sex marriage law.

    By the way, Burnt Offerings will produce custom toasters with your own design.

    • Angela says:

      Hi Tracy,

      Thank you for your feedback 🙂
      I didn’t realise that Vermont was so cool and forward thinking.


  3. Anti Tom Maydon says:

    Good effort again this week. Thanks. Have been enjoying your website of the week each week. Speaking of which: here’s a website to discuss…it’s a cracker: http://www.uforesearch.co.za/

    • Angela says:

      Hey Tom,

      Thanks for the compliments again.
      Re: your link, where do people come up with this crap? It’s preposterous!

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