Episode #59: Neil Armstrong Gone, Rat Malaria Cured and Vietnamese Hangovers

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong. First human on the moon.

The 59th episode of Consilience is out! You can download the mp3 here (33mb) and the file’s page on Archive.org is here.


Teaching Angela to Appreciate History

  1. 1965 – Gemini V splashed down. It went into space and came back. It was awesome.


  1. Marikana massacre was caused by a rabbit


  1. Neil Armstrong is gone.
  2. Has UCT found a cure for malaria? UCT presser. BlagBetter articleHere? Here?
  3. Rhinos being poached for Vietnamese hangovers.

Sci-fi/Fantasy Quote

Just because you cannot fathom the nature of a thing does not make that thing magic!”
– Doctor Terrence 13, All-Star Western #11,  written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray


  1. Johannesburg
    1. Open evening – astronomical history and sky viewing – SAASTA/Royal Society of SA. Saturday 25th August, 18:00 at the Johannesburg Observatory. Entrance is free. There’s a talk by Professor Francis Thackeray and some other cool stuff, including sky viewing, if weather permits. You’re invited to bring a picnic basket and enjoy the view at sunset before the proceedings start, as well as binoculars for the sky viewing.
    2. Public talk: Origin of Mass – Discovery of a Higgs-like boson – by the Wits SA-CERN team. Wits University. Monday 27 August, 18:00.
    3. Sceptics in the Pub. Wednesday 2th September 19:00. Green & Gold Pub.
    4. Royal Society SA Spring Science Showcase. SUNDAY 9th SEPTEMBER 2012 14:00-18:30. Delta Environmental Centre, Blairgowrie, Johannesburg. Entry fee – R120 per person (R70 students, postdocs, scholars).
    5. Talk Does Evolution really threaten Religion? – John Ostrowick. 11 Sept 2012 at 18:00. Origins Centre, Wits University.
  2. Cape Town
    1. Sceptics in the Pub – Friday 24th August. Beleza Pub.
    2. Open Night at SAAO – Black holes and other revelations. Dr. Vanessa McBride. Saturday 25th August 08:00 pm. Auditorium (SAAO, Cape Town)
    3. Sceptics in the Pub – Friday 31st August, 19:00. Touch of Madness
    4. Open Night at SAAO – Radio Astronomy Revolution – Dr. Nadeem Oozeer (SKA). Saturday 8th September, 08:00 pm. Auditorium (SAAO, Cape Town)

Link of the Week

Michael – Robo-journalism 

Danny – Google Me

Angela Owen – Powerwatch – Huge database of studies of EMF re: dangers etc.



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