Consilience – Episode #66: Learning to Grow Weed, Holy Water Stampeed and Nigeria Ruins It for the Rest of Us

Watch out for helicopters!

Pictured: your living room.

The 66th episode of Consilience is here! You can download the mp3 here (30mb) and the file’s page on is here. Starring

Teaching Angela to Appreciate History

Guest Segments


  1. False rape claims usually aren’t
  2. First case of polio reported in Somalia since 2007
  3. Lethal stampede for magic water in Ghana


  1. Joburg
    1. Sceptics in the Park – Joburg. Sunday 26th May, 13:00. Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Emmerentia.
    2. Rumble in the Pub – Joburg. Thursday 30th May, 18:30. Venue TBA.
    3. Sceptics in the Pub – Joburg. Wednesday 5th June, 19:00. Pizaevino, The Wedge, Morningside.
    4. Sceptics in the Pub – East Rand. Tuesday 11th June, 19:00. Grandslam Sports Diner, Edenvale.

Link of the week

Soo: Nemogould

Chris: Daniel Dennett’s seven tools for thinking

Patrick: News360

Owen: Kissing Hank’s Ass

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